Luxury Sectional Sofas

Luxury Sectional Sofas

Luxury Sectional Sofas Are All About Choosing The Right Materials

All of our luxury sectional sofas and high-end sectionals are crafted from the best materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any living room. From contemporary fabric designs to more modern leather sofas designs and styles, explore our range of designer high-end sectionals and sofas today.

Luxury Sectional Sofas

Luxury sectional sofas are the focal point of a living room, and we’ll help you make sure it’s beautiful. Passerini carries high-end sofas that instantly upgrade a living room with high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Passerini carries luxury sofas online that help you create dreamed living space. Browse our online high-end sofa selection and request a quote on for more details, customization and pricing.

Relax in luxury with our fabulous collection of luxury sectional sofas from internationally renowned brands. From contemporary upholstery to designer leather sofas, Passerini delivers a seating solution for every space. Remember that every luxury sofa can be ordered on leather or a choice of Rubelli, Armani Casa, Dominique Kieffer, Kohro, Decobel, Dedar, l’Opificio and Fortuny fabrics . It can also be ordered with Client’s Own Leather or Fabric to suit complex projects.

Luxury Custom Furniture

Looking For A Luxury Custom Furniture Piece?

Our vast network of skilled Italian artisans working directly for some of the major brands make it possible to achieve the highest level of finish with the best craftsmanship on the market. We also provide detailed technical drawings and renders, and document the progress of works until packaging. Find out more information: Luxury Custom Furniture.

Luxury Living Room Furniture And Accessories. Create That Wow-Factor Space With The Best Designer Masterpieces Conceived, And Made In Italy.

Luxury Living Rooms

A great conversation starts with a living room that’s inviting and comfortable. Let us help you choosing a statement sectional sofa for your living room to define that space and create the living room of your dreams.

Selecting the ideal designer sofa: Investing in the highest quality and luxury of the right designer luxury sofas is a big commitment. Soft leather or upholstered? Two-seater or three-seater? Statement piece or timeless elegance? Whether your style is one of simple sophistication or you are looking to curate a more daring, modern, contemporary look, our team are on hand to guide you through the steps to choosing the right designer sofa for your space. We have brought together a useful, step-by-step guide to choosing your next high-end sofas. From identifying a style and selecting a fabric to accurately measuring your space, what are the key things to consider before buying a sofa?

Identify your sectional sofa style. What look do you want to achieve? Many hours are spent perusing home living magazines, blogs and interiors websites, with thousands of saves to Pinterest on Instagram each year. It’s clear that we like what we see online, but when it comes to distilling that into the design and curation of furniture for our own homes, is our inspiration being lost in translation? What excited you about that picture? Was it the layout or the color palette? And how do you recreate that high-quality designer look and feel at home but to your own budget? Designing your luxury interior space can be an exciting and rewarding process if you follow these key design cues:

Adopt a contemporary sofa style: Follow neutral color palettes, with clean and defined edges. A contemporary style embraces a simple aesthetic – smooth lines and subtle tones will bring a modern, high end feel to your sofa

Luxury: Visions of warmth, comfort and familiar surroundings embody a rich and luxurious style. Structure and symmetry play a key role in creating this designer look. Focus on high-end sofas with textured fabrics, structured frames or elegant design features such as buttons. Designer accessories such as seat cushions, add the finishing touch to that feeling of luxury.

Embrace the Eclectic: Place your own design mark on your living room. Bold colors, quirky design features and mis-matching furniture are all permissible design concepts to consider when creating an eclectic look. Consider a statement piece for your luxury sofa to retain a stylish and refined look.

Choose the right upholstery for your luxury sectional sofa. Not sure which fabric or leather is best for a sofa? All our sofas can be ordered on leather or a choice of Rubelli, Armani Casa, Dominique Kieffer fabrics. It can also be ordered with Client’s Own Leather or Fabric to suit complex projects. Think about how your room will be used. How you are planning to use the room indicates the type of fabrics you should consider when choosing your sofa. The living room is the heart of the home, whether you choose to lounge with family every day or only use it to celebrate with friends on special occasions. The right fabric will have an impact on your decision-making process. Fabric luxury sofas come in all combinations and textures. Textured wool blends and velvets may elevate an otherwise ordinary room into luxury. However, they may require professional cleaning if the room is a busy one frequented by pets and small handprints. Selecting the wrong color for the fabric you like can be a big mistake. It is always sensible to request a fabric sample so that you can look at it against wall color, sunlight in the room, curtains and other soft furnishings. Also think about the floor coverings – is the color too similar to the carpet? Does the smooth hardwood floor require a contrast in texture? Pick out a few similar color combinations and a selection of textures.

Measure your space. Apart from dimensions, what do you need to know? Don’t leave your house guests trapped between the coffee table and the couch. Ask for our detailed Measuring Advice & Design Considerations page for more information on width, depth, height and length dimensions, including how to measure up before you buy. Marking out the item of furniture with masking tape can let you see whether your measurements are a good fit or not. What if I have a small living room? No problem, check out our collection of high-end sofas and luxury sofas, created for the most compact of living spaces. To create the appearance of space, consider investing in a low backed modern sofa or one with tall legs and clearance room underneath the base to bring a light and airy feeling to your living room. Placing hardwood frames or structured modular sofas opposite key room features such as a fireplace or large frame windows can help to balance your space. Finally, consider access to your property. Will your sofa fit through doorways, windows or other access points? Be sure to measure up before sofa shopping.