Luxury Beds

Luxury Beds

Luxury Beds And High-End Beds Are All About Choosing The Right Materials

All of our luxury beds are crafted from the best materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any bedroom. From contemporary bed frames to more modern bed designs and styles, explore our range of designer high-end beds today.

Luxury Beds

Luxury beds are the focal point of a bedroom, and we’ll help you make sure it’s beautiful. Passerini carries high-end beds that instantly upgrade a bedroom with high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Discover sleigh, panel, upholstered and canopy luxury beds in a wide variety of colors and styles. Passerini carries beds online that help you create dreamed bedroom. Browse our online luxury beds selection and request a quote on for more details, customization and pricing.

With an amazing selection of Luxury Beds in all different sizes, Passerini Selections would like to share with with you our exquisite selection of High-end Beds, frames, and headboards. From upholstered bed frames, modern bed frames, mixed with exclusive leathers and fine metals.

Luxury Custom Furniture

Looking For A Luxury Custom Furniture Piece?

Our vast network of skilled Italian artisans working directly for some of the major brands make it possible to achieve the highest level of finish with the best craftsmanship on the market. We also provide detailed technical drawings and renders, and document the progress of works until packaging. Find out more information: Luxury Custom Furniture.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture And Accessories. Create That Intimate Space With The Best Designer Beds Conceived, And Made In Italy.

Luxury Bedrooms

A Great Night’s Sleep Starts With A Room That’s Inviting And Comfortable. Choose One Of Our Beds Or Headboards To Define That Space And Create The Retreat Of Your Dreams.

Luxury Beds and Headboards: Whether it’s stacked with decorative shams and a plush comforter or adorned with a light blanket and pillows, the luxury beds are the first thing you notice when you walk into your bedroom. Create an inviting space with a bed or headboard from our bedroom collections at Passerini. From dramatic canopy beds to contemporary platform beds and traditional sleigh beds, you can discover a range of beds and headboards in both casual and formal styles and designs, along with bedding that lets you create an inviting place for relaxation.

Bed Styles: The design of your bed can help you establish the style of the room. It also plays a role in how comfortable you feel as you sleep. Choose a canopy bed to add visual height in the room. Details such as a deep ebony finish and caned posts make the bed look right at home in a traditional bedroom. Leave it bare to emphasize the strong lines of the posts. Or, hang sheer drapes from the corners to give the Luxury beds a touch of romance. Use heavier curtains to keep in the warmth on cold nights. For a more contemporary style, select a platform bed that provides support for the mattress but leaves the foot and corners of the bed open so you have plenty of room to move your legs while you sleep.

Stand-alone Headboards: You can update your room without replacing the bed by adding a headboard that attaches directly to the bed frame or the wall above it. If you want to add drama to a traditional room, select a tall headboard. Or, choose a short one if you prefer a more contemporary style. Look at the headboard’s shape for design cues you love. An arched headboard with curved lines makes an elegant addition to traditional and cottage-style rooms. The bold, geometric shape and strong lines of a stepped or rectangular headboard anchor the bed and mimic the natural lines in the room. An oversized headboard that stretches beyond the borders of the bed is a simple way to cover the wall and tie together the bed and nightstands. You might even choose a headboard with wings to add modern sophistication to the space. It also helps keep your pillows securely on the bed.

Decorate with Fabric and Colors: The headboard’s fabric and color tie the high-end beds in with the rest of the room. Durable leather is easy to clean and adds warmth to your bedroom. A fabric-covered headboard softens the bed and gives you extra support for sitting up while reading or watching TV. Lush velvet feels soft to the touch and provides a luxurious look. Choose vertical stripes to emphasize the headboard’s height, or go with a patterned fabric to coordinate with other prints in the room. A weave pattern gives the headboard a casual appearance, while smooth suede has a finished effect. Select colors that coordinate with your bedding for a cohesive resting spot. Or, go bold with contrasting colors to help your bed really stand out.

Finishing Touches: Fine details such as tufting and trim give a headboard a distinctive quality while also helping it blend with the rest of the furniture and accessories in your luxury beds. Highlight the duvet cover by using one of its colors in the trim, or match them for a cohesive look. Add interest to a headboard with tufting that gives it a pillow-like finish that’s right at home in your bedroom. You can also look for nailhead trim if you prefer an understated yet classic embellishment.