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Luxury Coffee Tables Are All About Choosing The Right Materials

All of our luxury coffee tables are crafted from the best materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any living room. From contemporary tables to more modern coffee table designs and styles, explore our range of designer high-end coffee tables today.

Luxury Coffee Tables

Designer luxury coffee tables are a stylish staple of the modern living room. Gracefully displayed in the middle of the room, the right luxury coffee table draws eyes and disguises clutter. Glamorous, gleaming and functional, the perfect designer coffee table can make or break a living room. Whether you’re looking to change your living room layout or simply swapping out your old table, our range of high-end coffee tables for living room spaces has everything you need to achieve the ultimate designer living room.

Here at Passerini, we believe everyone deserves the perfect interior. That’s why our design specialists take the time to handpick the best designer luxury coffee tables for you. Our collection not only includes contemporary high-end coffee tables, but also the more traditional and timeless classics. Add sophistication to an otherwise sparse living room with a traditional oak coffee table or be bold and risk a brass coffee table as a more interesting focal point. In Passerini Selections, there’s something for everyone in our range of designer luxury coffee tables.

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Looking For A Luxury Custom Furniture Piece?

Our vast network of skilled Italian artisans working directly for some of the major brands make it possible to achieve the highest level of finish with the best craftsmanship on the market. We also provide detailed technical drawings and renders, and document the progress of works until packaging. Find out more information: Luxury Custom Furniture.

Luxury Living Room Furniture And Accessories. Create That Wow-Factor Space With The Best Designer Masterpieces Conceived, And Made In Italy.

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A Great Conversation Starts With A Living Room That’s Inviting And Comfortable. Let Us Help You Choosing A Statement Luxury Coffee Table For Your Living Room To Define That Space And Create The Living Room Of Your Dreams.

Which high-end coffee tables are best for me? We go to great lengths to ensure there’s a huge variety of glamorous luxury coffee tables for you to choose from but, with such a wide selection available, choosing the best luxury coffee table for your living space can be difficult. Not to worry, we don’t just stock these tables, we also know how to style them. Before making your decision, first, consider where you want to put your high-end coffee table. Tucked away in a corner? A black coffee table would look fabulous paired with a bright wall and other dark décor. In the middle of the room? The same coffee table can make a style statement like no other, especially when paired with black detailing on the wall. It’s also important to ask yourself what your storage requirements are. Some high-end coffee tables come with drawers or shelving for at least a small amount of storage space, but you’ll need to decide on storage size and look before you make your final decision. A discreet and minimal drawer would be perfect for storing magazines, letters and remote controls but a more striking glass coffee table suits the clean and pristine drawerless look. Whatever you decide on, from designer coffee tables with storage to those simply for display, we have a huge selection of high-end coffee tables to suit any style.

How to compliment a luxury coffee table? Finding a focal point and building your room around it is one of the key techniques of designing an attractive interior. Not only should your coffee table look fabulous by itself, but when surrounded by complimentary décor, the right table should take your living room to the next level. Try matching or contrasting specific attributes of your furniture together for a modern take on old living room sets. Matching your end tables to your luxury coffee table is a foolproof way to create a cohesive living room look, but take the same principles up a notch with matching cabinets and shelving and your space is sure to look stunning.

We’ve made sure that each and every one of our luxury coffee tables is easy to style, whatever your aesthetic, so you don’t need to worry about compromising on the perfect match. Whether you’re looking to transform your living room with a marble coffee table and keep the same vibe across your space with a marble side table or fit your contemporary metal coffee table into your overall room design by matching height around the room, there’s a coffee table for you in our gorgeous designer range.

Still need help finding your ideal high-end coffee table? From round coffee tables to wooden coffee tables, our top-quality, gorgeous tables are perfect for any style of living room. Whether you’re having trouble imagining any high-end coffee table in your space, or you’re just not sure which of the luxury coffee tables you love is best, we’re here to help. Our experts know their stuff and, with their knowledge and experience, they’re sure to assist you with any questions you may have.