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Luxury Dining Tables

Luxury Dining Tables Are All About Choosing The Right Materials

All of our luxury dining tables are crafted from the best materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any dining room. From contemporary rectangular dining tables to more modern oval dining tables designs and styles, explore our range of designer high-end dining tables today.

Luxury Dining Tables

Luxury Dining Tables often forms the heart of the home with friends and family gathering round them to enjoy meals and share stories and our collection of contemporary high-end dining tables is curated to ensure there is a style for every space. From luxury dining tables to modern Italian kitchen tables, discover the perfect piece for your home. Designer luxury dining tables are a stylish staple of the modern dining room. Gracefully displayed in the middle of the room, the right high-end dining table draws eyes and disguises clutter. Glamorous, gleaming and functional, the perfect designer dining table can make or break a dining room.

Here at Passerini, we believe everyone deserves the perfect interior. That’s why our design specialists take the time to handpick the best designer luxury dining tables for you. Our collection not only includes contemporary high-end dining tables, but also the more traditional and timeless classics. Add sophistication to an otherwise sparse living room with a traditional oak dining table or be bold and risk a brass coffee table as a more interesting focal point. In Passerini Selections, there’s something for everyone in our range of designer luxury dining tables.

Luxury Custom Furniture

Looking For A Luxury Custom Furniture Piece?

Our vast network of skilled Italian artisans working directly for some of the major brands make it possible to achieve the highest level of finish with the best craftsmanship on the market. We also provide detailed technical drawings and renders, and document the progress of works until packaging. Find out more information: Luxury Custom Furniture.

Luxury Dining Rooms

Luxury Dining Room Furniture And Accessories. Create That Wow-Factor Space With The Best Designer Masterpieces, And Made In Italy.

A Great Conversation Starts With A Dining Room That’s Inviting And Comfortable. Let Us Help You Choosing A Statement Luxury Dining Table For Your Dining Room To Define That Space And Create The Dining Room Of Your Dreams.

Finding the perfect luxury dining tables for your space At Passerini we think a luxury dining table should be a focal point of your home. The right designer dining table has the power to enrich family gatherings and transform social events. It should be the centre of memories, laughs and happiness in your home.

Your high-end dining table will host everything from wine-filled laughs with friends, and holiday celebrations with all your loved ones. In an increasingly fast paced world, many of us don’t take the time to slow down. To pause for a while. To sit and share stories and laughs with those close to us. The right high-end dining table can help you do this more often. Set the right tone for your dining area by choosing the right centerpiece. Our designer dining sets can bring vitality and spark to your space. The styles and materials of our high-end dining tables are rich and varied to suit any purpose or aesthetic. Whether you prefer chic designer Italian dining tables, or the more refined and simple beauty of Scandinavian designs, we have something for you. From traditional wooden dining tables in stunning oak, walnut or ash, to contemporary designer pieces incorporating wood, glass, or metal, our carefully curated selection of luxury dining furniture has something you’re sure to fall in love with.

How to find the perfect premium dining table Will your designer luxury dining table be in daily use as a place for early morning breakfasts, lazy Sunday lunches, and stimulating evenings with family and friends? Or will it perhaps be reserved for dinner parties and social gatherings as the centerpiece of a high-end dining room?

It should be big enough to seat those who will use it most often, with comfort a priority. Perhaps you have a large family or social circle, in which case you might consider one of our luxury 10-seater dining tables. Or, if you prefer efficiency and enjoy spacious minimalism in your home, but still want to accommodate everyone, then an extendable dining table is an excellent choice.

The shape of your table will be defined by the space that you have. A round dining table can be a valuable space saver, or an oval dining table can add gentle, soft curves to your space and still afford room to host large groups. If space is at a premium but you still want a large table, then consider a luxury glass dining table, or a white dining table. Both of these will work with the light in your room to make it seem large, bright and airy without compromising the seating space you need.