Agordo Dining Table

Agordo Rectangular Dining Table is a fusion of opulence and contemporary design, harmonizing natural beauty with modern sophistication. Meticulously crafted, this dining table stands as an embodiment of refined elegance and functional artistry.

The table features a Canaletto walnut top, showcasing the innate richness and distinct grain patterns of this exceptional wood. The Canaletto walnut top exudes a warm and inviting aura, creating a luxurious dining surface that captivates with its organic charm.

Adding a touch of luxury and practicality is the ceramic insert integrated seamlessly into the tabletop. The ceramic insert not only provides a durable and easy-to-clean surface but also introduces a captivating contrast with the Canaletto walnut, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the table.

The wooden legs of the Agordo Dining Table are adorned with inserts in quilted leather, introducing a layer of sophistication and tactile elegance. This exquisite detail elevates the table’s design, creating a harmonious blend of natural and luxurious elements.

The profiles in metal-effect lacquer or colored lacquered wood finish contribute to the table’s modern aesthetic, providing a sleek and refined silhouette that complements contemporary interior styles.

The rectangular shape of the table offers ample space for delightful dining experiences with family and friends. The practical size ensures versatility in various dining room layouts, providing both functionality and aesthetic allure.

The Agordo Rectangular Dining Table is a customizable piece, allowing you to choose the wood finish for the legs and the metal-effect lacquer or colored lacquered wood finish for the profiles, tailoring the table to seamlessly integrate into your dining area and become a personalized and elegant focal point.

In summary, the Agordo Rectangular Dining Table with Canaletto Walnut Top, Ceramic Insert, Wooden Legs with Quilted Leather Inserts, and Profiles in Metal-Effect Lacquer or Colored Lacquered Wood is a sophisticated and versatile choice for those seeking a dining table that effortlessly combines natural beauty with luxurious elements. Its Canaletto walnut top, ceramic insert, wooden legs with quilted leather inserts, and customizable finishes make it a statement piece that transforms your dining area into an exquisite and indulgent space.


300 cm | 118.11"


130 cm | 51.18"


77 cm | 30.31"

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