Luxury Handles

Luxury Handles & Knobs

Luxury Handles define character and make it stand out.

Along with being functionally critical, luxury handles and other fixtures make a piece of furniture really special.

Luxury Handles & Knobs

Furniture making is a craft where there are no minor things, not even the Luxury Handles and Pulls. Actually, it’s true for any trade if you do a good job. When you make quality custom furnishings, everything counts, including the fittings. If the design of a furniture piece is created from scratch, furniture fittings like luxury handles and knobs can make all the difference, and vice versa. Wrong fittings can nullify all the designer’s effort; just like a mismatching button will ruin the impression from a chic evening gown.

Professionals brought by Passerini Selections have an eye for creating superior things. Cabinet-makers turn boards into magnificent furniture. Foundry-men turn molten brass and bronze into numerous beautiful items, from statuettes to furniture handles, knobs, feet, and decorative elements. All made in Italy, talented crafts-masters blur the line between the beauty and practical utility of the items they create.

Luxury Handles & Knobs can serve as a perfect example of “beautility”, beauty and utility combined. On the one hand, a handle is a purely utilitarian thing we use for pulling drawers out or opening cabinet doors. On the other hand, a handle can be turned into a work of art, accentuating singularity of the design.

Proficiency of  foundry-men is beyond all praise. Some of the handles they cast look more like a piece of art rather than a furniture fixture. For example, take a look at Sun Handle. The end of this handle is shaped as a naked woman’s figure. This elaborate sculpture-like handle will add character to a furniture piece, making it unforgettable. Color of cast brass with antique bronze finish is really appealing and looks grand on the wooden background of any color.

Unbeatable craftsmanship of cabinet makers and foundry workers is known all over Italy and beyond. But however skilled the foundry-men are, they cast handles (as well as lots of other things) according to the designs. So, when it comes down to success of a company that manufactures goods, almost everything depends on the designer’s talent.

When any product is made, everything begins with an idea that comes to the designer’s mind. If the idea is trite and the design is dull, so will be the end result. On this count, Bellavista has a huge advantage over its competitors. It has a genius of a designer.