Luxury is All About Choosing The Right Wallpaper

The beauty of dressing up a space with wallpaper which adds to the room warmth, elegance and an overall sense of well finished space.


We are proud to represent Rubelli’s wallpapers which are either in paper support, vinyl or natural fabrics, and the creativity of Glamora. Glamora’s vinyl murals are printed to order and to size. This Italian manufacturer has specialized in high technology wallpaper including in their collection a sound proofing support, a waterproof suppor (for bathrooms and wet areas) and a metallic support.

Browse their collections and feel free to reach out for any questions. Immerse yourself in the dreamlike atmosphere where elegance and refinement blend together in a unique and timeless style.

Glamora Wallcoverings USA

Infinite possibilities with bespoke Glamora Wallpapers and Murals. A beautiful fabric looking vinyl finish, our murals are made to order and adjusted to your space. They are scaled to the wall of choice, modulated to the hue or tone of the room, or simply completely designed from scratch.

This is an astonishing tool to create interiors that are amazingly personalized and can be reinvented and adjusted to any style.

Rubelli Wallpapers

From precious silks to textured vinyl, the Rubelli wallpaper collections are the perfect element to create a balanced space.

Mostly a wallpaper version of original silk fabrics, Rubelli wallpapers, from Venice, are beautifully crafted, and require specific technical processes to recreate the shine and texture of a fabric, or the worn aspect of a painted wall.