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Rubelli Wallcoverings

Rubelli Wallcoverings stands as a symbol of the remarkable craftsmanship.

A staggering 89% of their fabrics are meticulously crafted in Como, Italy, while their woolen textiles hail from the pristine regions of Switzerland and New Zealand. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that Maison Rubelli never compromises on the caliber of its materials. With an equal fervor for top-notch quality, Rubelli has ventured into a prestigious line of luxury wallpapers.

Rubelli Wallcoverings and Wallpapers

Rubelli wallcoverings and Rubelli wallpapers are by no means standard. Standard is not in Rubelli’s idiom and minimalism not in their DNA. The Rubelli wallcovering ranges includes the latest, The Walls of Venice, a designer collection of wallcoverings from 2017, that perfectly matches the Rubelli brand. These wall coverings are in fact the reproduction of some of the most significant Rubelli fabrics, using the same name. Explore the ranges online, where the majority are suitable for both residential and contract use, while being fully suited to both classic and contemporary interior design. Luxury wallcoverings produced in Italy from the international leading brand names.

Rubelli is emblematic of the extraordinary expertise of Italian fabric designers, the design house shines brightly in the international textile universe. 89% of fabrics are manufactured in Como, Italy, and the wool fabrics in Switzerland and New Zealand; suffice to say that Maison Rubelli doesn’t compromise on the quality of its fabrics. It’s with the same passion for quality that Rubelli launched a range of luxury wallpapers.

Rubelli wallpapers and fabrics, the quintessential Venetian style It is difficult to not be fascinated by the beautiful fabrics that are everywhere in the city of Venice. This passion took root during the first expeditions by Marco Polo along the silk route. Heavy draped curtains and shimmering wall coverings are ostensibly rich for palaces, theatres, churches and hotels in Venice. In a sumptuous Renaissance palace, the Palazzo Corner Spinelli, Rubelli receives its clients, designers and design students in a place that is both a commercial showroom and a private museum. The Rubelli archives are housed there, such as this marguerites velours, created in 1902 for Marguerite de Savoie. The fifth generation of the Rubelli family offers fabric collections inspired by the Venetian style such as was used in the Palais des Doges, inspired by “chinoiseries” or Venetian ironwork. It also offers a contemporary range created by the French designer Dominique Kieffer.