Minimal Console Set

Gorgeous hand made console set with Carnico Marble Top. Patented steel finish. Hand Made in Italy

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Stunning Steel console set with Carnico top. The cosoles come in three sizes:SmallCm: 106L, 35W, 65HIn: 41.7″L, 13.7″W, 25.6″HMediumCm: 120L, 35W, 75HIn: 47.2″L, 13.7″W, 29.5″HLargeCm: 135L, 35W, 85HIn: 53.1″L, 13.7″W, 33.4″HDiamante’s craftsmanship and technological support let them create lines of the most precious furnishing and accessories pieces with a strong glamour feel. Every single piece is handmade in Italy with the support of advanced technologies and high quality material selection, thus giving birth to unique elements that come in a lifetime guarantee.

Weight 90 kg



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