I Lucci Argentati Linear Suspension – White

I lucci Argentati draws from nature to create a whimsical, yet modern light.Recalling a school of fish darting through freshwater, it creates a mesmerizing luminescence.Sets of 22 sleek lights combine to form a stunning pendant with thin incisions along the bottom creating an understated, tranquil beauty. Thanks to its modular system, I Lucci Argentati is customizable and can be combined in many different configurations, from Small to Extra Large, as a pendant or sconce.Designerd by Dodo Arslan, it is finished in white or brushed nickel.

Weight6 kg

SMALL: L Cm145 | 57" – W cm 14 | 5.5" H cm 33 | 13"MEDIUM: L Cm180 | 70.1" – W cm 14 | 5.5" H cm 30 | 12"LARGE: L Cm220 | 86.6" – W cm 14 | 5.5" H cm 33 | 13"EXTRA LARGE: L Cm265 | 104.3" – W cm 14 |

Lead time

4-6 weeks + shipping

MATERIALS Shade: WhiteDIMENSIONS & WEIGHTSMALL: L Cm145 | 57″ – W cm 14 | 5.5″ H cm 33 | 13″ – Kg 6MEDIUM: L Cm180 | 70.1″ – W cm 14 | 5.5″ H cm 30 | 12″ – Kg 7LARGE: L Cm220 | 86.6″ – W cm 14 | 5.5″ H cm 33 | 13″ – Kg 8EXTRA LARGE: L Cm265 | 104.3″ – W cm 14 | 5.5″ H cm 37 | 14.5″ – Kg 12BULBS: S: 5 x 48 W R7s Halogen ESM: 6 x 48 W R7s Halogen ESL: 7 x 48 W R7s Halogen ESXL: 10 x 48 W R7s Halogen ESELECTRIC: Available for European (220V) or US (110V) electric.DELIVERY: please refer to the Additional information box for standard production time. Some articles may be in stock for an expedited delivery, please enquire.CUSTOMIZATION: Please enquire for personalized finish, design or sizes.

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