Pila 47 Outdoor Pouf

Pila 47, the fabric-covered armchair designed in 2016 by the young designers Paolo Emanuele Nava and Luca Maria Arosio, founders of Nava + Arosio Studio, is now available in the outdoor version. Pila 47 Outdoor differs from Pila 47 only in the shell, that is weather-resistant. A perfect combination of design and performance, Pila 47 Outdoor is ready to furnish terraces and gardens.

This outdoor pouf offers the flexibility to be customized with a selection of upholstery fabric brands in collaboration with Passerini, as well as exclusive leather options. Additionally, for more complex projects, it can be tailored to your preferences with Customer Own Materials (COM / COL).

Internal structure in waterproof plastic material, draining open cell foam and water-resistant felt.


60 cm | 23.62"


60 cm | 23.62"


83 cm | 32.68"

Lead time

8-12 weeks + shipping

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