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Glamora Wallcoverings

Glamora Wallcoverings stands as a symbol of the remarkable craftsmanship.

Established in 2010, Glamora Wallcoverings encapsulates the notion of living out a dream by curating bespoke collections of wallcoverings that draw inspiration from art, design, and the natural world. These creations are meticulously crafted from exquisite, sustainable materials. Glamora’s ultimate goal is to craft wallpapers that evoke deep emotions and contribute to the creation of captivating spaces where individuals relish spending their time.

Glamora Wallcoverings and Glamora Wallpapers

Infinite possibilities with bespoke Glamora Wallpapers and Murals. A beautiful fabric looking vinyl finish, our murals are made to order and adjusted to your space. They are scaled to the wall of choice, modulated to the hue or tone of the room, or simply completely designed from scratch. This is an astonishing tool to create interiors that are amazingly personalized and can be reinvented and adjusted to any style.

With a fairly quick turn around, less than 4 weeks from design approval to delivery, the use of the bespoke mural can also be a great idea for corporate environments, commercial spaces (they are perfectly washable), hotels (there is also the sound isolating support) or even spas and bathroom with the patented version for humid and wet areas.

Innovative Architectural Materials
Glamora Wallpapers offers cutting-edge materials in the field of coverings for architectural surfaces with a high aesthetic value. Made entirely in Italy, they comply with European regulations regarding health and safety for people and the environment. Advanced coverings that are quick and easy to install, even on curved surfaces, at an affordable price. They can be removed dry, saving on disposal costs.

Different Materials, Infinite Combinations
Glamora Wallpapers also develops collections related to single materials to ensure excellent color rendering and the best style on specific supports. In addition, it gives the opportunity to decorate each covering offered with subjects belonging to different collections or not included in the catalogue.