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Ten Luxury Coffee Tables to Fall in Love with

The coffee table is one of the living room pieces that needs satisfy many criteria.
It needs to draw the attention of the room, since it is the one piece people will be around when sitting to have a drink or watch your favourite movie.

The cocktail table can add that touch of glamour and sophistication without stealing attention from other beautiful pieces of the living room.

Thoas Emanuel Ungaro
1. Thoas by Ungaro Home
This organic low table is finished in brushed brass, and can be the golden accent.
Its flat wide surface can be decorated with beautiful coffee table books, sculptural pieces of crystal or marble, without taking away the minimalistic vibe.


2. Tulipe Coffee Table by Bellavista collection 
The coffee table version of the Tulipe is a light and well proportionate design concept with a beautiful brushed bronze base. The top can be ordered in different marbles or in wood veneers. Shortly available online or through our concierge service.


Albert Bellavista Collection

3. Albert by Bellavista Collection
This table is usually purchased in sets of 2 or four, and it immediately became one of our best sellers especially among interior designers. Its impeccable design together with the beautiful finish in chrome and marble, make it a statement piece in the luxury living room.

Nenuphar Ginger and Jagger
4. Nenuphar Coffee table by Ginger and Jagger
This Coffee table combines different materials and finish and can be finished in infinite colour combinations. Its organic shape is inspired the pond leaves in a beautiful rounded way.
Three layers finished in veneer with marquetry technic and one layer that can be finished in matte or gloss lacquer with any RAL colour.
The legs are in metal finish, with 6 different finishes.

Rosebush Coffee Table Ginger and Jagger
5. Rosebush Coffee Table by Ginger and Jagger
Also by the Portuguese brand, another coffee table from Ginger and Jagger, the Rosebush Coffee Table is one of the most iconic pieces of the Rosebush Series that includes a dining table and service tables.
The metal base is made of an intricate net of rose branches cast from real roses, as there is nothing more perfect than nature itself. The top can be personalised in any RAL colour, either Glossy or Matte, or in glass and the base can also be finished in 6 different metal tones, from brass, to gold, to silver or copper in different shades.



Soho Coffee Table by Diamante Design

6. Soho Coffee Table by Diamante Design
A beautiful combination of materials in a mosaic pattern. The Soho Coffee Table by Diamante, uses two uncommon materials for its top. Brushed concrete and the unique diamond cut stainless steel patented finish of the Diamante firm. A true unique piece that is perfect for a living room where greys and whites are a dominant shade.


Regent by Casamilano

7.  Regent by Casamilano
This beautiful table is available with marble of wood top, and with a square or rectangular shape. The top can be in Eucaliptus or in three different marbles. Shortly available online or through our concierge service.


Anchor Coffee Table by Donghia
8. Anchor Coffee Table by Donghia
For smaller spaces, this coffee table in glass has the beauty of sculptural brass legs and a transparent top which makes it a very lightweight effect in the living room volumes. It is ideal with a signature rug below it, that would bee too beautiful to cover.
Available only through our concierge service.


Riva Coffee Table by Sophia Passerini

9. Riva Coffee Table by Sophia Passerini  
Nature creates infinite tones and colors and this table is able to embody its beauty within a perfect scale and proportion. Being made of a single piece of marble, this table can be ordered in many different shapes and sizes, including round and oval while providing an endless choice of finishes with different marble choices. 
Available only through our concierge service.


Bryant by Casamilano

10. Bryant - by Casamilano
This mirrored coffee table provides a large space to feature our beautiful crafts and pieces while giving the sensation of space. The mirrored surface expands the centre and make the table partly disappear. 
Shortly available online or through our concierge service.

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