Berti Bespoke Wooden Floors

Handmade Wooden Floors 

One of the main companies in the national and international wood flooring sector with over 100 years of family history, Berti produces flooring with passion and care. It is present in the most prestigious official and private residences of the world, from Windsor Castle to the Kremlin, and defines some of the most elegant interiors.

Passerini, exclusive distributor for the USA of Berti, proudly supports their international presence with impeccable service and support. From bespoke classical or modern solution to the outstanding designer lines of the Diesel collection, Berti offers both the bespoke care and the industrial capacity.



Naturality, elegance, modernity, warmth. These are the main characteristics of our wooden floor. Charming and sophisticated sizes, that respond to the demands of actual trends and needs of the market.

The Berti Collection features inlay panels for the classic and modern home as well as a large selection of planks.

The excitement of the mind, brilliant intuition, pure creativity, but mainly a source of inspiration.

Choose your pre-finished collection or imagine your ideal floor with our On-Demand solutions that offer infinite combinations. This is where your mind can travel far and find true individuality.

The mix of the unique Diesel Living touch and Berti’s know-how give birth to a 100% Diesel space. Colors, textures and patterns work together in unexpected ways.

An outstanding and unprecedented interpretation of the wooden flooring in the strong and iconic style of Diesel, the Italian Fashion Firm.


Berti General Catalog

Berti General Catalog


Berti Inlay Catalog

Berti Inlay Catalog


Berti Square Space Catalog

Berti Square Space Catalog


DIesel Living Flooring Catalog

Diesel Living Catalog



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